This page explains the features that have been incorporated into this website to provide a level of accessibility for all users.

Text Size

If you find that the text is too small for you to read, you can change it to a size you're more comfortable with:

  • Windows Internet Explorer: use the View > Text Size menu.
  • Opera: use the Zoom selector.
  • Firefox and other Mozilla browsers: use the View > Increase Text Size option.
  • Safari: use the View > Make Text Bigger option.
  • Netscape 6+: use the View > Text Zoom menu.

If you use a wheel-mouse, you may be able to change the text size by holding down the Control or Command key and turning the wheel. In some browsers you can change the text size using Control or Command and the + and - keys.

Access Keys

Access Keys provide alternative navigation without using a mouse. This site uses the following Access Keys:

  • 0 – Accessibility and Access Key details
  • 1 – Home page
  • 6 – Contact
  • c – Jump to main navigation of current page
  • s – Jump to main content of current page

How to use Access Keys in your Browser

Internet Explorer 6+ (PC)

Hold down the ALT key, press the number of the access key, release both keys then press ENTER.

Netscape 7, Firefox (PC)

Hold down the ALT key and press the number of the access key.

Firefox, Safari and Omniweb (Mac)

Hold down the CTRL key and press the number of the access key.


Hold down the Shift key and press Escape, release both keys, then press the number of the access key.

Images on the Health Facilities Scotland website

Images have alt text where they add to the comprehension of the page. All trivial or decorative images have no alt text.

Accessibility Rating

This website has an 'A' WAI rating with passes for many 'AA' and 'AAA' criteria.

External Sites

The owners of this website are not responsible for content or accessibility of external links.